Bali Airport Parking

Short & Long Term

Bali Airport parking comprises a multi-level parking area providing over 2,000 spaces available for your short and long-term needs. Short term parking is available on site next to the main international terminal building. Long term parking is available (at lower rates) for those wishing to leave their vehicle for a number of days at the terminal. Disabled spaces are available and are located near to the main entry and egress points to the parking area.

In 2017 the following rates apply for parking:

4 wheeled vehicles - First hour IDR5,000 then IDR3,000 each additional hour

2 wheeled vehicles - Up to the first 12 hours, IDR2,000 then IDR1,000 each additional hour

The multi-level car park is in close proximity to the terminal building and provides an automated parking facility advising the number of spaces available before entering.