Clearing Immigration

Once inside the terminal building passengers should head to the immigration counters as quickly as possible (as lines can be long during peak times). International visitors make their way into the lines designated ‘foreigners only' and form a queue to present their passport, and secure a visa from immigration officials.

There are two immigration sections; Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) and Non VoA. Further information on the types of 'tourist type' visas available together with the visa Conditions of Entry can be found on the following pages:

Visa Free Short Visit For Tourists
Visa On Arrival (VoA)
Fast Track Visa VIP Assistance

Once passengers have cleared immigration and secured a visa they should proceed to the designated luggage carousel to collect checked luggage. Information monitors are provided which display the flight number associated with the luggage carousel collection point. For convenience, trolleys are located throughout the luggage claim area which are free to use. Passengers transiting through the international terminal can find further information on the Passenger Transit/Transfer page.

Once checked luggage has been collected from the carousel, passengers make their way to the Customs Clearance area for final processing before making their way into the Arrivals Hall.