How To Prepare For LAG Screening

When travelling by air passengers must comply with airline requirements when carrying personal liquid, aerosols and gel products. These restrictions affect items such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste and other similar substances found in hand luggage which is taken onto the aircraft. Passengers travelling on international flights departing Bali Airport should ensure:

  • All LAG containers fit into a one-litre, resealable transparent plastic bag measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm.

  • Only one resealable transparent plastic bag per passenger is allowed.

  • Containers over 100ml in capacity are not permitted.

  • Prescription medicines, where the name on the medicine matches the name on the boarding pass can be brought on-board in carry-on baggage.

  • Non-prescription medicines and all baby products are also exempt from the security measures however the amount carried is restricted to a quantity that is considered 'reasonable' for the duration of the flight.

In preparation for your flight home, download a copy of How To Prepare For Liquid, Aerosol And Gel Screening At The Airport.