Mount Agung Volcano: All Flights To & From Bali Airport Have Resumed

Friday: 29th June, 2018 19:00hrs

Conditions around the airport have improved & the airport has reopened to passengers with many scheduled flights set to resume. Before heading to the airport, check first with your airline to confirm your reservation & departure time.

Consider also there will be a backlog of passengers & as a consequence flights may be delayed several days in order to catch up on the schedule.

Friday: 29th June, 2018 04:45am

Thousands of travellers are affected by flight delays & cancellations since the eruption of Indonesia's Mount Agung. Flights in & out of all international airports including Australia are impacted.


Passengers have been asked to contact their airline & visit the respective websites in order to receive the most up to date information available. Overnight two Qantas flights which departed on schedule from both Sydney & Melbourne were returned to Australia - as a consequence customers were provided with overnight accommodation.

Currently the situation is being monitored & reported by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre with a 'Watch & Act Alert' in place. Earlier this morning Jetstar announced flights JQ117 - Singapore to Perth (via Denpasar) & JQ91 - Denpasar to Cairns had been cancelled due to the eruption.

Watch Mount Agung Live: YouTube Feed

A spokesman for Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport - Mr. Darta Pande said many flights were attempting to operate however the airport's PR department announced 26 inbound & outbound international flights were cancelled yesterday, along with 10 domestic flights impacting almost 7,000 travellers.

With school holidays set to start in some Australian states many families may be impacted. In particular it's worth remembering most travel insurance policies for Bali excluded any volcano-related incidents since Mt. Agung began erupting last year - as its status is considered a 'known risk'. Further information can be found in the resources section of this site including:

We will keep you updated as to any changes in status.